In Narrabri, like in many regional towns, jobs can be tricky to find, especially your first job. Which is why Nick and Sharon hired Alan, a young man big on enthusiasm but short on experience.  Alan came to them through the Youth Jobs PaTH scheme, a scheme run by the Australian government to help find those crucial first jobs at the start of a career.

Alan started at Adelong Motel in late July this year and has quickly grown in his roles as a cleaner, housekeeper and barista.  He has a great eye for detail which has helped him become a valued team member in a short time and his confidence has grown both as an employee and as a person.

Considering how successful Alan has been, Nick and Sharon would definitely look to hire more staff through this program when positions become available. They recommend other small-town businesses follow suit, advising “While you do need to invest time and support in the beginning, it is so worth it to see the difference it makes and to have engaged and well-trained staff, while also supporting the local community!”