When medals get awarded at wine shows the judges have a difficult and complex task. They have to rate each wine out of 3 for Appearance, out of 7 for Smell and out of 10 for Taste, these scores are then added together to give a total out of 20. The results for all of the wines are then compared and a winning wine is selected, it seems such a long-winded process just to select a great wine.

Now, thankfully, The Southern Cross Motel Group no longer needs to worry about a process like this because we’re very excited to announce our new partnership with Oatley Wine Merchants!

While only relatively new, the Oatley Family’s Australian wine distribution business is one that draws on four decades of passion for grape growing, wine making and marketing. Sandy Oatley and his family have a commitment to the wine industry in this country that is based on delivering wines from family-held vineyards, premium growers across the country and key brand partners from different parts of Australia.

For all of our properties across the Southern Cross Motel Group this means we have great access to more top-quality Australian wines, and the size of our group will certainly mean the wine comes to us competitively priced.  For our guests this simply means they get more delicious “By the Glass” offerings and better value for money.

The choice for us then seems easy and logical – we can select wines using a convoluted process like a wine show judge or simply rely on the advice and knowledge that comes from over 40 years of commitment to making and marketing quality wine in Australia.

And that’s why we now raise a glass and toast the new exclusive Wine Supplier to the Southern Cross Motel Group – Oatley Wine Merchants.