Here in the Coach’s Box at SCMG we’ve been excited to see a number of bookings for club and school sporting teams come through this year for our properties.  We fully understand that planning a group away game can sometimes be harder that herding cats so we’ve come up with a few ideas to help.

If you’re anywhere in Queensland or New South Wales this time of year, and even if you don’t know a thing about Rugby League, you’ll at least be a little familiar with the concept of “State of Origin”.  And if you go behind all the “State against State and Mate against Mate” hype, the stand-out message is ‘Team Spirit’.  So if you are going to be organising a trip like this in the future and you want to whip-up your own Team Spirit but you’re no Wally Lewis or Wayne Peirce fear not!  Here are some of our Property Manager’s top tips to get that morale up and make the best of your visit:

  • To help with overall costs and to get that team bonding starting early plan a Fundraising Night before your trip – it could be Trivia or Bingo, or if you’re feeling creative maybe a Talent Show or Karaoke!
  • Arrange with the Property Manager and pre-pay all the accommodation by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) – one less thing to worry about while you’re away.
  • Take along enough Support Staff/Cheer Squad Members/Chaperones to keep an eye on your group and to keep every-one focused, behaving and together.
  • Check with the Property Manager about food options – lots of properties will be able to package meals in to your costs if they have a restaurant onsite. If they don’t they may have microwaves, kitchenettes or BBQs you could use to self-cater.
  • Sports trips can generate a lot of clothes to wash so when you’re considering which property to stay at check what washing facilities you can use – some have washers and dryers in rooms while others could give you access to a guest laundry.
  • Team Shirts can be a simple and easy way to get the Team, and of course the Coaches and Support Crew, feeling united but on a more practical level it makes everyone more easily identifiable and it’s a fun thing to have to remember your trip by!