People in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales are just coming down from a very exciting time, that smell of High Octane Fuel mixed with Burning Rubber that emanates from the area around Mount Panorama is finished for another year.  Ever since a crowd of 20,000 were there to watch the first race in 1938 it has almost become the 2nd Race that Stops a Nation. So when Supercars CEO James Warburton says “This event just gets better each year. It is the biggest event in New South Wales and one of the largest in the country every year” it’s no wonder our property in Lithgow, The Bowen Inn is always at capacity when Racer Time comes around.  And as the Property Managers, Troy and Tina, will tell you the same guests usually book on their way out for the next year. But don’t worry if you can’t make it to Lithgow in October, the Circuit at Mount Panorama is a public road the majority of the year.  So keeping in mind the regular road rules, including a 60km/hr speed limit, you can come and experience The Cutting, Skyline, The Dipper, Conrod Straight and the Chase for yourself anytime of the year. And remember when you pull-in at The Bowen Inn Troy and Tina will be there and they’ll ready to be your Pit Crew!

For more information about The Circuit follow this link to the Mount Panorama website