Are you looking for new ideas for things to do outside the traditional holiday spots?  While our beaches are beautiful and our cities are vibrant there’s so much more to see and do in Australia.  Better yet the government are often investing in initiatives to help you get out west to see how great it is for yourself!  At the start of the year the Queensland Government subsidised rail travel on three of QLD Rail’s outback lines – The Inlander, The Westlander and Spirit of the Outback – and there are rumours they will be doing it again this summer as part of the Year of Outback Tourism.  Plus they’ve been busy supporting a range of fantastic events with something for everyone with music, food, wine, sports and film festivals happening all over the state (you can see the full list at Even if you’re not keen to attend one of these events it’s worth considering a trip to regional Australia to see the beauty of the land, the charm of the towns and to meet the characters who live in these special areas.  Now is an especially important time to consider a rural trip given how much your tourism dollars will help towns struggling through one of the worst droughts Australia has seen.  So pack up your car or book your tickets, head out west and have a wonderful time!