About Us

The Experience

Travel starts out fun, then it gets boring, then it gets tedious, then it gets tiring.

We know how it feels to walk into a room after a big day and then have to walk back out again to complain to the front desk.

It is most definitely not fun.

At Southern Cross Motel Group, we’ve invested a lot in making sure the motels we run feel like they are places built for relaxing in – from updated and practical interior design to simple things like free wifi and air conditioning as standard and dining options at all properties.

And if you need to work while you relax, all the better – we’ve designed a lot of our rooms to support the modern business person.

Our managers are consumate hospitality professionals who still remember that before hospitality was just a business, it was about the friendly and generous entertainment of guests, visitors and strangers.

We genuinely love meeting new people and being able to make your stay away from the comfort of your home as relaxing as possible, without getting in your way.

Because we want to be the place you’ll pick when there are vacancies everywhere.